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Child Passenger Safety

Q: Where Can I Find Information On How To Install My Child&Rsquo;S Car Seat?

A: Visit Our Website At Http://Www.Gahighwaysafety.Org And Locate A &Ldquo;Child Safety Seat Inspection Station&Rdquo; Near You. You Can Contact This Station To Schedule A Time To Have Your Child Safety Seat Inspected. If You Have General Questions, Please Contact Megan Grundy At Mgrundy@Gohs.Ga.Gov Or 404-463-0156.

Q:: Does A Child Eight Years Old Have To Be In A Booster Seat If They Are Under 4 Feet 9 Inches Tall?

A: Under Georgia Law, Children Must Remain In A Child Safety Seat Until They Reach Their Eighth Birthday Or Until They Are 4 Feet 9 Inches In Height Or Above.. However, It Is Strongly Recommended That Children Remain In A Booster Seat Regardless Of Age Until The Safety Belt Fits Them Correctly Across The Lap/Upper Thigh And Collar Bone.

Q: How Old Does A Child Have To Be Before They Are No Longer Required By Law To Use A Booster Seat?

A: Under Georgia Law, A Child Must Remain In A Child Safety Seat Or Booster Seat Appropriate For Their Height And Weight Until They Reach The Age Of 8. At Age Eight, They Can Be Restrained In A Safety Belt Alone.. However, It Is Strongly Recommended That Children Remain In A Booster Seat Until The Safety Belt Fits Them Correctly Across The Lap/Upper Thigh And Collar Bone. They Must Also Remain In The Backseat Until The Age Of 8 By Law But Best Practice Is Of Children To Remain In The Backseat Until The Age Of 13.

Q: Do Children Have To Be In Car Seats In School Vans?

A: School Buses Are Exempt From The Safety Belt Laws. However, If The Bus Is Not A School Bus Or A Multi-Functional Activities Bus, Children Must Be Restrained In A Child Safety Seat Until The Age Of Eight. For More Information On Child Safety Seats And Child Care Vehicles, See Our Fact Sheet At Http://Www.Gahighwaysafety.Org/Childpassengersafety/Tvraug2011.Pdf Or Visit Http://Www.Health.State.Ga.Us/Programs/Injuryprevention/Cos/Buses.Asp.

Q: Where Can I Find Legislation That Has Passed On Child Seats In Vans?

A: The Georgia Code Can Be Found On The Georgia Legislature Website. The Code Section For Child Safety Seat Use Is 40-8-76.

Q: Where Can I Find Information On Obtaining A Free Child Seat?

A: Gohs Has Programs In Place To Provide Child Safety Seats To Indigent Families Who Can Not Afford Them As Defined As Being A Part Of Medicaid, Wic, Or Peach Care. Individuals Can Access A List Of Participating Organizations By Visiting The Gohs Website And Clicking On &Ldquo;Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations&Rdquo; On The Left Side. All Stations Should Be Contacted To Confirm Availability And Set Up An Appointment. Further Questions Can Be Directed To Megan Grundy At 404-463-0156 Or Mgrundy@Gohs.Ga.Gov.


Driving/ Teen Drivers

Q: When Can My Teenager Apply For A License?

A: When The Teenager Turns 15 Years Of Age He/She Can Apply For A Learner&Rsquo;S Permit. For All The Information On Teen Adult Driver Responsibility Act (Tadra) Please Visit Http://Www.Gahighwaysafety.Org/highway-safety/tadra/.

Q: Where Can I Find A Credible Driver's Education Course For My Teenager?

A: Log Onto The Department Of Driver Services (DDS) Website At www.dds.georgia.gov And There You Will Find A Link To The Approved Driving Training Programs For Teen Drivers.

Q: Does My Teenager Have To Complete Driver&Rsquo;S Education In Order To Get Their License?

A: Any Georgia Resident Who Has Not Completed An Approved Driver&Rsquo;S Education Course Must Be At Least 17 Years Old To Be Eligible For A Class D Driver&Rsquo;S License. For All The Information On Teen Adult Driver Responsibility Act (Tadra) Please Visit Http://Www.Gahighwaysafety.Org/highway-safety/tadra/.Html.

Q: The Brochure On The New Tadra Law Says 40 Hours Of Supervised Driver Training Is Required. Can Parents Sign Off That Their Children Have Been Given This Training?

A: Yes, Parents Or Guardians

Driving/ Insurance

Q: How Can I Get Automobile Insurance Information Related To A Motor Vehicle Crash (Accident)?

A: Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage May Be Accessed For Authorized Purposes By Contacting: Georgia Department Of Revenue, 1800 Century Center Blvd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga 30345 Or 404.417.2201. Limited Insurance Information May Be Viewed Online At Http://Motor.Extax.Dor.Ga.Gov/Motor/Insurance/

Driving/ Crash Reports (Accident Report)

Q: How Can I Get A Copy Of My Motor Vehicle Crash (Accident) Report?

A: If The Crash (Accident) Was Within The Past Two Months, Contact The Investigating Law Enforcement Agency. Otherwise, A Person May Receive A Copy Of A Crash Report By Contacting The Georgia Department Of Transportation (G-Dot), Crash Reporting Unit P.O. Box 80477, Conyers, Ga 30013 By Phone 678.413.8647 Or Fax 678.413.8584 Or 85. For Additional Information Online At Http://Www.Dot.State.Ga.Us/Statistics/Crashdata/Pages/Default.Aspx.

Driving/ Medical Condition

Q: As A Physician, Can I Report Someone Who Has A Medical Condition And Should Not Be Driving?

A: Physicians May Report Drivers With Medical Conditions Or Older Drivers Who Are Incapable Of Safe Driving Through The Department Of Driver Services.  If A Family Member Or Physician Has A Concern With A Driver, A Form Can Be Downloaded From http://dds.georgia.gov/senior-drivers. This Form Must Be Completed By A Physician And Returned To DDS For Review.  In The State Of Georgia, Physicians Are Not Mandated To Make These Recommendations.  However, Physicians Are Strongly Encouraged To Report Drivers When They See Concern.


Q: The Egohs System Is Running Slow, What Should I Do?

A: Contact Reggie Pittman The Gohs Network Administrator At 404.656.6999.

Educational Materials

Q: Where Can I Get Reliable Highway Safety Material To Distribute During Event?

A: Log Onto Http://Www.Gahighwaysafety.Org, Click The Button Gohs Safety Store And Order Materials Online. All Orders Are Shipped Ups Ground And Must Be Delivered To A Physical Address (P.O. Box Addresses Are Not Allowed).


Q: When Does Gohs Hold Their Campaigns Such As Click It Or Ticket Or Operation Zero Tolerance?

A: The Gohs Website Http://Www.Gahighwaysafety.Org Has A Calendar Of Events And A What's New Section That Is Updated Regularly And Will Inform You Of The Gohs Campaigns And Other Highway Safety Events.


Grant Applications And Request For Proposals

Q: When Can I Apply For A Grant?

A: Request For Proposals (Rfp&Rsquo;S) Is Announced And Available Via The Gohs Website Usually During The Months Of March Through June. Visit The Website At Http://Www.Gahighwaysafety.Org And Click The Button Grants.

Q: How Do I Apply For A Grant?

A: Gohs Utilizes An Online Grants Management System. Log Onto Http://Www.Egohs.Org To Create An Account. Once You Have Established A Username And Password And Those Items Are Approved You Can Begin Your Application For Grant Funding If A Grant Opportunity Is Available.

Q: When Are New Grant Applications Accepted?

A: Grant Applications Are Typically Accepted Annually Based On The Released Request For Proposals (Rfp&Rsquo;S).  Rfp&Rsquo;S Are Generally Announced During March Of Each Year.  At This Time, Potential Grantees Will Be Able To Utilize The Egohs Online System At Www.Egohs.Org To Submit A Grant Application. 

Road Conditions

Q: What Roads Are Closed?

A: Roadway Conditions.  Please Click On Http://Www.Georgia-Navigator.Com/ For A Real Time Update Of Road Closings, Traffic Accidents, And/Or Incidences

Q: Who Do I Need To Contact To Report That A State Road Needs Repairs?

A: Contact The Georgia Department Of Transportation Via The Web At Http://Www.Dot.State.Ga.Us/Pages/Default.Aspx

Q: What Are The Driving Conditions On I-95?

A: Call Georgia Travel Information @ 511 Or Visit On The Web At: Http://Www.511Ga.Org/

Statistical Data

Q: Where Can I Find Crash Data For My County?

A: Gohs Publishes County-By-County Data At The Following Website:
Further Questions Can Be Directed To 404-656-6996

Q: Where Can I Find Data Related To Railroad Crashes And Railroad Crossing Incidents?

A: For Data Related To Railroad Safety, Please Visit The Federal Railroad Administration Office Of Safety Analysis Website At Http://Safetydata.Fra.Dot.Gov/Officeofsafety/Default.Aspx.

Other Useful Statistical Resources:
Fatality Analysis Reporting System (U.S. Dot): Http://Www-Fars.Nhtsa.Dot.Gov/Main/Index.Aspx
State Traffic Safety Information (Nhtsa):
Http://Www- Nrd.Nhtsa.Dot.Gov/Departments/Nrd-30/Ncsa/Stsi/Usa%20Web% 20Report.Htm
Traffic Safety Fact Sheets (Various Topics – Nhtsa):
Http://Www- Nrd.Nhtsa.Dot.Gov/Departments/Nrd-30/Ncsa/Availinf.Html
Georgia Crime Statistics (Gbi):
Http://Gbi.Georgia.Gov/00/Channel_Modifieddate/0,2096,67862954_ 88103906,00.Html
Highway Statistics (U.S. Dot):


Q: I Got A Ticket From The Highway Patrol In Georgia And It Does Not Say Where I Am To Pay It. Where Do I Pay This Ticket?

A: The Phone Number Should Be On The Citation For The Local Jurisdiction. If Not, Contact The Local Agency Where The Citation Was Given. The Gsp Turns In Citations To The Local Jurisdiction Where It Was Issued. The Local Jurisdiction Sets Most Of The Fines.

Q: Why Was A Citation Not Issued When My Wife Had An Accident With Another Car? The Officer Said Cars Were Moved So He Could Not Make A Decision. Doesn&Rsquo;T The Law Say You Are Suppose To Move Cars Out Of Traffic?

A: Yes, The Law Does Indicate That You Should Move Vehicles Out Of The Roadway. Often Times, The Officer May Not Have Been Able To Determine Who Was At Fault. Also, Issuing Citations Is Often Officer Discretion.

Q: I Got A Ticket While Driving Through Georgia But I Don&Rsquo;T Know Where. How Can I Find Out Where To Pay It?

A: There Should Be A Phone Number And Address Listed On Either The Front Or Back Of The Citation. If Not, The Agency Name Is On The Front Of The Ticket Near The Top. You Can &Ldquo;Google&Rdquo; This Agency Name To Find A Phone Number For Them.

Q: I Was Notified By A Future Employee That He/She Was Wanted In Georgia For Failure To Appear For An Open Container Violation. What Does He Need To Do To Get This Straightened Out?

A: The Person Should Contact The Court House In The Jurisdiction Where The Original Citation Was Issued To Find Out How Much The Fine Will Be. They Could Possibly Pay It By Credit Card Or Online Through That Agency. They Also Need To Be Aware That Their Driver&Rsquo;S License Could Have Been Suspended By Ga So They Need To Call Dds To Verify This As Well.

Q: What Is The Time Limit On Pay A Ticket In The State Of Georgia?

A: This Is Up To The Agency That Issued The Citation. Some Agencies Issue Court Dates 2 Weeks After And Others Issue Court Dates Two Months Later. It Definitely Needs To Be Taken Care Of Prior To The Court Date Or The Driver Needs To Appear In Court On The Date Assigned.